How it works

Cash for Gold - Doctors Choice Gold Exchange - How it works


Gather your unwanted Gold, Precious and Semi-Precious material, whether it is Dental Scrap*, Jewelry or Coins that you want to convert to CASH!

Fill out the online information form on the left of this page to get your insured FREE SCRAP for CASH-PAK.

Once you receive your self-addressed, postage-paid SCRAP for CASH-PAK, place your material inside the plastic closing bag. NEXT, place that bag into the self-addressed white, secure Tyvek envelope. FINALLY, check your address on the card to insure it is your correct return address. If it is not your correct address, fill out the enclosed blank submission form, tear off at the perforation and enclose the addressed card into the white Tyvek envelope along with your Precious/Semi-Precious material. Seal the white security envelope and drop it in the mail.

If you feel the need for additional insurance on your material, we gladly encourage you to do so with the insurer and/or carrier of your choice.


We receive your material and immediately verify the weight and purity of all precious and semi-precious material. Once this is done, we base our value of your material on the P.M. London Gold Fix at the time of receipt of your material.

In advance of issuing a check, we will notify you via fax and/or email of our offer for your material. You must respond back to us, via fax or email, within twenty-four (24) hours of our cash offer ONLY if you wish to reject our offer and have your material returned. Our offer is final and due to rapid price fluctuations, non-negotiable. If you do not contact us within the twenty-four (24) hour grace period, we will send your check within forty-eight (48) hours and the transaction shall be legally binding. Allow ten (10) days for Dental Scrap.


We don't send this to a middleman or agent thus diluting the profits, profits intended for YOU! That is why Doctors Choice Gold Exchange can pay the high returns to YOU the CONSUMER!

*Please Note: We cannot accept mercury-based amalgam or lead foil.